MCU Platinum Debit Card


Practical, safe and convenient, BCN’s MCU Platinum Debit Card allows you to always have direct access to your funds, to withdraw cash, to make purchases around the globe, and to easily monitor your account balance.


  • Currency: USD or LBP
  • Possible link to a secondary account
  • Private PIN code to help prevent unauthorized access to your funds
  • Worldwide acceptance on POS and ATMs displaying MasterCard logo
  • Possible withdrawals or purchases using the local currency of any country
  • No commissions on POS purchases
  • No commissions on withdrawals from BCN ATMs
  • Secure payment via EMV Chip Card technology
  • Emergency card replacement for lost or stolen card
  • Hotline 24/7: 1241
  • Free SMS and e-mail alert notification service
  • Free balance checking and free mini statement from BCN ATMs
  • Special discount with payroll domiciliation
  • Frequency of daily purchases: 15 times
  • Daily transaction limit of purchases: Up to USD 2,000
  • Frequency of daily cash withdrawals: 5 times
  • Daily transaction limit of cash withdrawals: Up to USD 2,000
  • Usage limits can be amended upon request to meet your spending needs


  • 18 years old and above
  • Holder of a Current Account at BCN