Current Account


Designed to meet your basic day-to-day banking needs, our Current Account offers you essential features allowing you to perform unlimited withdrawals and deposits and to build a credit record to facilitate your future loan applications.


  • Unlimited withdrawals and deposits
  • Account monthly fee: USD 3.00 or C/V
  • Semi-annual fee: USD 6.63 or C/V
  • Semi-annual statement of account
  • No fees on cash withdrawals from BCN’s ATMs
  • e-Banking services
  • e-Banking monthly fee: USD 1.00
  • Free SMS and e-mail alert notification for every use of e-banking
  • SMS alert notification for every use of the debit card
  • Available in all major currencies
  • Several payment tools: Checkbook(*), debit cards, and others
  • (*) Subject to the eligibility criteria of the Bank


  • Sole or joint account holders