About Us

Mission, Vision & Core Values


Our Mission is simply to be a positive financial solutions provider in the day-to-day lives of all those whom we serve, by providing them with an unrivaled service that combines the industry's highest standards of professionalism with the individualized approach valued by our stakeholders.


To be the reference and the trusted financial partner of a client base seeking tailored and personalized banking services guaranteed by a solid team of dedicated professionals.

Our Core Values

Our identity and the way we do our daily business determine our values which constitute the pillars of our growth and of the growth of our customers and stakeholders.


We believe in the capabilities of our young, dynamic and passionate team, thus we work on equipping them with the best skills, knowledge, and tools to go the extra mile and translate any request, no matter how challenging, into a reality for our customers and stakeholders.


At BCN, every customer is high priority. Carefully attended, the simplest to the most sophisticated demands are handled with utmost dedication, employing all our resources and know-how to grant our customers privileged and personalized services, flexible solutions, and reliable products.


We continuously promote a spirit of teamwork and collaboration, aligning the goals of our departments with BCN’s overall strategy to ensure that our efforts and our banking expertise are at the service of our customers, putting their needs and interests above our own.