BCN has been built around sound practices, conservative lending policies and safe investment strategies that helped in implementation of an effective risk governance structure at Board and Management levels.

As a measure to evaluate the effectiveness of corporate governance standards adopted by the bank, an independent assessment has been conducted based on scorecard approach covering various aspects of the following standards:

The Corporate Governance framework is comprehensive and has been communicated from the Board of Directors down to the individual business lines.

BCN’s business strategy is to achieve the objective of being a strong financial partner with insight and transparency in risk taking. The risk governance framework supports this objective.

BCN aims to reinforce strong risk management culture through a comprehensive set of processes that are designed to effectively identify, measure, monitor and control risk exposures. The Board of Directors and Senior Management are involved through the existence of Committees in the establishment of material risk processes and the periodic oversight and guidance of the Risk Management function.

BCN BANK's Board of Directors

Mr. Mohamad Bachar El Zein - Chairman and General Manager - Executive

Mr. Lutfi El Zein – Non Executive

Mr. Saleh El Sagri– Non Executive

Mr. Sami Haddad – Non Executive

Me. Fadi Nader – Non Executive

Dr. Ibrahim Akoum – Independent

Ms. Leila Hammoud – Independent

Mr. Mohamad El Khatib – Non Executive

Shareholdings of Members

BOD Member


Mr. Lutfi El Zein


Mr. Mohamad Bachar El Zein


Mr. Saleh El Sagri


MEDGULF Financial Holding SAL


Me. Fadi Nader


Dr. Ibrahim Akoum


Ms. Leila Hammoud


Mr. Mohamad El Khatib


Mr. Sami Haddad


Role of the Board

The board of directors has overall responsibility for the bank, including:

Board Committees

The standing committees of the Board are:

Audit Committee: is responsible to assist the Board of Directors in fulfilling its oversight role regarding establishment and maintenance of effective corporate governance policies and procedures. It enables Non-Executive Directors to contribute an independent judgment and play a positive role in controlling business operation. The Audit Committee is responsible for overseeing the financial reporting process and the effectiveness of the system of Internal Control and Risk Management. The Board Audit Committee consists of the following members:

Risk Management Committee is primarily responsible for managing the risk of loss emerging from inadequate or failed processes, human factors or external events. The Risk Committee comprises of seven members drawn from the senior management of the Bank including two members from the Board:

The Remuneration Committee: The purpose of the Committee is to assist the Board in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities in the field of Human Resources and compensation. The Committee’s primary focus is with respect to the development, succession planning and compensation of senior executives/Staff and the identification, oversight and management of risk related to the compensation policies and practices of the Bank. The Committee also assists the Board in establishing the compensation philosophy and the compensation and benefit plans for the workforce of the Bank. The Committee assists the Board with its executive compensation disclosure, as well as such other matters delegated to the Committee by the Board.

Executive Level Committees:

The Board of Directors is responsible for the overall governance of the bank. This includes, but is not limited to, determining the strategy, providing direction to the Senior Management, ensuring that the control function is robust and that it conforms to international best practices.

The Board has created sub-committees to assist in carrying out its responsibilities mainly the Executive Credit Committee, Senior Credit Committee and Retail Credit Committee. These three Committees are responsible for monitoring the overall credit function. The three committees are also responsible to provide a forum for discussion and resolution of credit issues encountered. These 3 Committees comprise of the CEO and the senior management functionaries.

Asset Liability Management Committee (ALCO) main functions are to ensure, manage and control liquidity, interest rate and foreign exchange risks and capital adequacy issues arising from the Bank’s lending, funding and investment activities. The ALCO comprises of the Bank’s senior management, including the Chairman.

The Committee members are:

Compliance and AML Committee: The primary duties of the committee are to oversee and ensure the effective application of the compliance systems within the bank.

IT Security: This committee serves as a Department-wide forum for sharing information, addressing issues and making recommendations related to Information Technology (IT) security responsibilities and activities that affect the Department as a whole.

Purchasing Committee: The purpose of the Purchasing Committee is to maintain and monitor the Bank’s contracts, to oversee the Bank’s procurement processes, evaluate rate requests and to conduct an annual review of corporate contracts and documents.

Human Resources Committee: The purpose of the Committee is to perform, or assist the Management in performing, the duties of the Management relating to compensation of the Bank’s executive officers, key executives and Staff; and annual performance evaluations of the Bank’s executive officers.


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